What if there was a magic machine that created the healthiest substance you can put in your body? What if this machine made it so you would never have to buy plastic bottled water anymore?(Google: Plastic Ocean). Further, what if this substance was all natural?

What if this substance made you feel great when you drank it? What if it increased oxygen in your bloodstream and gave you gorgeous energy every day? What if this substance showed you that all those gastric issues you didn’t think you had are now gone – you grew so accustomed to them that you only noticed them by their absence.

What if this substance made your internal environment more alkaline – meaning healthier? What if this substance penetrated your cells so deeply that it continually detoxed you – like nothing else can? What if this substance didn’t bloat or otherwise fill you up – like its predecessor – allowing you to partake in its goodness in large and effective quantities? What if this substance had POWERFUL anti-aging properties? Further what if this substance was the most powerful anti-oxidant known?

What if this machine created other substances that were also natural and allowed you to get nearly all of your household chemicals out of your life? You wouldn’t have to spend money on these chemicals and you wouldn’t have to come in contact with their harmful effects – saving both your bank account AND your families health.

What if one of the substances from this machine could actually remove the oil-based pesticides from your fruits and vegetables and make them taste better, and last longer?

What if this substance hydrated you at a profoundly deeper level than the very water you are drinking?

What if you knew that these machines where owned by Presidents, Queens and Popes? What if the richest man in the world owned 16 of these machines in his house in the great state of Washington?

What if you found someone who would teach you about these machines and then allow you to try the substances created by these machine for FREE – for 21-days.

These machines exist. It’s not magic, it’s science. The substance is Kangen water™. And we are those teachers!

The machines are made by a company in Japan who has been selling them to Japanese hospitals since 1974. 1 in 6 houses in Japan are purported to own one of these machines. Oh, and the Japanese outlive every other countries people in the world!

These machines sit on your countertop (or can be installed underneath) and create hydrogen rich, anti-oxidant, alkalized water that is 3-6 times more absorbent than other waters. They transform the water that is already coming out of your tap! This water is called, by the scientists who have been studying it for over 150 years, electrolyzed reduced water (ERW). If you want to get into the nitty gritty of the science be sure to use Google Scholar or Pub Med.

Ask yourself honestly; have you overlooked TRUE hydration of your body in favor of sexier ideas and products to make you healthy? We often must remind ourselves that we are 70-75% water. Please reread that last sentence – because if that primordial fact doesn’t sink in, you won’t value these words enough. And these words can change the course of your life.

At Atlanta Water Store, we have created an education center to teach the properties of these waters. We also share the water to those who qualify, and indulge us in our classroom for about an hour.

If any portion of these words were true – wouldn’t you want to come in and find out for yourself?
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We should ALL be spending more time thinking on and working on prevention rather than searching for cures. If we can properly hydrate, alkalize, and detox our cells, then our bodies will, more often than not, heal themselves. If our cells are healthy, our tissues will be healthy. If our tissues are healthy, our organs will be healthy. If our organs our healthy, our systems will be healthy. If our systems are healthy – WE are healthy. It is never too late to make this change.


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Dipa and Kevin