Here at Atlanta Water Store, we are asked often to defend our blog’s title. We fully believe that the water you choose to drink is the single most important health decision you can make in your entire lifetime. Here is why we think so:

Your body is 70-75% water by weight. You are water. Nothing happens in your body without water. Water is the catalyst for every process in the body and the medium in which those processes take place. Water itself is the most important substance (save Oxygen – which water contains) to our survival and to our health. However, ALL waters are not the same.

We have been drinking electrolyzed reduced water (alkaline ionized water) for 7 years. Previous to that we were sure that water is all the same everywhere. H2O is H2O and that was that. We couldn’t have been more wrong, and we are profoundly thankful that we were eventually open to try the water and do some reading on the subject. The fact is that once you start drinking this water – what we call Kangen Water™ you will realize that this water is special!

The water is created by medical machines by a Japanese company called Enagic. They have been making these devices for hospitals to treat patients since 1974. In 1994 they started introducing them to the Japanese public, and in 2004 they made their debut in the USA – and it has taken off ever since! Some Kangen Water™ drinkers you may know, just to name a few are Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Pope Francis, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Returning to defending our blog’s title, we started by saying that water is the most important substance to us as humans. What logically must follow is to show you how Kangen Water™ is the best water in the world – and there is no substance that even comes close.

Kangen Water™ is magnitudes better than tap or bottled water for 3 main reasons. It is alkalized water, it is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant, and it is made 3-6 times more absorbable by the electrolysis process – what we call “micro-clustering”.

In 1933 Otto Warburg won the Nobel prize showing that cancer could not exist in an alkaline environment – ever. Science has shown us unequivocally that the pH of your body matters and that acidity (the opposite of alkalinity) is in fact the environment of sickness and ageing, while alkalinity is where health and longevity exist.

Anti-oxidants are supremely important to our health. They help neutralize free radicals which are constantly bombarding us at an ever-increasing rate in our increasingly oxidizing environment and lifestyles. For an idea of how strong of an anti-oxidant Kangen Water™ is – consider that just 2 glasses of it have as many anti-oxidants as 5lbs of blueberries. There is no product, no gimmick that even comes close to the powerful properties of Kangen Water™

Through electrolysis (ionization) the water is transformed from a low energy, irregularly shaped, pentagonal water to a high energy, regularly shaped, hexagonal crystalline structure. This hexagonal water is FAR superior in every way to pentagonal water, and it makes the water 3-6 times more absorbable. It literally doesn’t slosh in your stomach or bloat you.
If you can become truly hydrated, alkaline, and detoxed (anti-oxidants here) you can live a much longer and healthier life!

Atlanta Water Store was partly born out of a passion to tell the world about this water. The other motivation for us was simply a moral obligation. What if you knew of something that could absolutely change the trajectory of people’s lives? Wouldn’t you feel obligated to share it?

Atlanta Water Store is dedicated to the teaching of all the principles involved in this water, and once we feel confident that you understand those, we allow you to try the water in unlimited quantities for 21-days. Now ask yourself, of all the products and pitches you have endured in your lifetime – have you ever been able to partake in the product for FREE for 21 days before you buy it? That speaks to how confident we are in this water and what it can do for you and your family. Our motto is: We teach, we share, you decide.

Owners Kevin Sirface and Dipa Janardanan Ph.D. welcome you to call or better yet – stop by and see for yourself the machines that can change your life. We will guide you through the process of making the right decision with the single most important health decision you can make.

No investments in life matter – unless you first invest in your health.