We seem to be in a war these days trying to distinguish the facts from the hype. The truth vs. the latest gimmicks based on that truth. It is ultimately your responsibility to navigate this battlefield to make your choices – and that is what this blog is about.

It is true that we should have an overall strategy to maintain a slightly alkaline internal environment for optimal health and to stave off diseases of all type. It is also true that we sell Japanese medical devices that make alkalized water. Our alkalized water is certainly alkaline, but that is where the similarities end with alkaline bottled waters.

Our machines use the process of electrolysis (ionization) to basically send a massive shock to medical grade titanium plates ensconced in platinum. When the water runs through it, it is basically electrocuted which separates the positive hydrogen ion from the negative ion. This is an electrical restructuring of the water – and this is everything!

The hype comes in with the alkaline bottled waters – which chemically induce a pH environment by adding chemicals to your water. THIS is the water that can be destructive to your system if these chemicals build up in your system.

There are also other HUGE differences that come about when you electrolyze the water through ionization. The negative ion is now a very powerful anti-oxidant that neutralizes free radicals in your system. Anti-oxidants have anti-aging properties and are beneficial in making you less toxic, healthier and fight disease before it happens! By comparison, those bottled waters are ALL oxidizing. All of them have a positive charge and they ADD to your oxidative stress. Oh, and oxidative stress in your body is accelerated aging and disease! Anti-oxidants are real and measurable – they are a function of hydrogen.

Another benefit of alkalized water is that it creates a total restructuring of the water. Scientifically speaking this water is referred to as electrolyzed reduced water (ERW). It is also often referred to as Hexagonal water – due to its electrically induced restructuring. The resulting water has a negative charge that comes with strong health benefits and increases its incentive to get into your cell. It has a smaller grouping of molecules due to the increased energy the water takes on.

Alkaline bottled water also adds to our plastic problem and ends up intact in our landfills for centuries – and in our oceans. You have to ask yourself honestly, do I want to be part of the problem, or the solution? There is NO middle ground and to not choose is a choice.
For a short video on the difference between alkaline water vs. alkalized water by a very informed doctor – go here.

Now all this knowledge is just that – knowledge. Knowledge without action is still just knowledge. We urge you to pursue this information! It is your health and the action must come from you!
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Now it is your turn to challenge your comfort zone and act!
To your health and longevity
Dipa and Kevin