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Atlanta Water Store was founded in January of 2017 by owners Kevin Sirface and Dipa Janardanan. We are a 1400 sq. ft. teaching facility and distributor resource center for our distributors.

Kevin has backgrounds in teaching, consulting, and sales. Living in Hiroshima, Japan for 7 years, Kevin got to witness first hand Japanese quality and Japanese healthy lifestyles, and he wants to share with the world part of why the Japanese live longer and healthier lives than any other country. Japanese hospitals have had these exact same machines in their hospitals since 1973 and they were introduced to the Japanese citizenry in 1994. It is now estimated that 1 in 6 houses in Japan have Kangen Water machines.

Dipa has a background in education, earning her BA at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and MA at the University of Memphis and her PhD. in English at Georgia State University. She brings her passion for these special waters, along with her desire to teach to Atlanta Water Store so you can benefit from here years of experience.

At Atlanta Water Store our model is “We Teach – We Share – You Decide” and we accomplish this through our Healthy Water Classes (currently about every 3 weeks). Coming to the class qualifies you to take our 21-day FREE water trial – and that is how you can discover how this special water can change your life!

You can also schedule your own class – contact us for details. You can even schedule a class at your site.

It is your health – invest in it!

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