It’s All About The Negative Hydrogen Ions.

Make your own healthy, alkaline, antioxidant drinking water that’s rich in minerals and purged of impurities, right in your own home!

Change Your Water – Change Your Life!®

Acidic & Alkaline Water

Our water is electronically enhanced water created by electrolysis. These machines ionize the minerals in the water creating (hydrogen) and negative (hydroxyl) ions. The water supplied to make this valuable water comes from your kitchen faucet. When these waters are separated, they create both acidic and alkaline waters. The properties of alkalized, ionized water are that it is an antioxidant, alkalizing, hydrating, and detoxifying.

“It’s all about the negative hydrogen ions.”

This powerful water helps us in 3 ways.

Anti-Oxidizing These machines take your tap water and transform it into the most powerful liquid antioxidant known. It is powerful because of its negative charge and the presence of hydroxyl ions. In the body, oxidation is caused by free radical damage. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules, and this causes accelerated aging and disease of all kinds. This negatively charged, hydroxyl-rich water will help combat premature aging and promote health like nothing else!

Alkalizing  “That which is built on alkalinity sustains: That which is built on acidity falls away – be it civilizations, human bodies or the paper that preserves their knowledge:” – Dr. T. Barody
All disease thrives in an acidic environment and simply will not thrive when your environment is alkalized. We create acidic environments in our bodies by year after year consuming acidic substances like cooked foods, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, soft drinks, sports drinks, processed sugar, chemicals of all kinds in our daily products – and even the air we breathe. Acidity creates an internal environment that invites and encourages disease. All disease is unnatural and related to our poor choices – not genetics as we are led to believe. In fact, chronic disease of any kind is not found in nature, only bacterial and viral disease. Acidity actually attacks our joints, tissues, muscles, organs, and glands causing all sorts of dysfunction and sickness.

Fresh Ionized water provides us with huge quantities of negative hydroxyl ions, which neutralizes the hydrogen ions (free radicals) that build up in our bodies. The most powerful way to alkalize your body is to drink Kangen Water.

Super Hydrating  Often Ionized water is referred to as cluster water or micro-cluster water because of its small molecular groupings. Normally water molecules cluster together in groupings of 10-100. Ionized water has molecule cluster sizes of around 6 – hence reduced in size. This makes the water 3-6 times more absorbable in our cells. The surface tension of this water is reduced and the structure of the water is transformed into a perfect crystalline, hexagonal one. These 2 factors make this water much easier to drink without getting bloated, or feeling sloshy. This also greatly increases our ability to get truly and deeply hydrated and detoxed. This hexagonal water penetrates and saturates body tissue much more efficiently than conventional water.

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